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Edge Protector - Aluminum - Satin Gold

Edge Protector -  Aluminum - Satin Gold

This is Blanke Edge Protector Trim in Natural;Aluminum; Satin Gold Anodized; Extruded

All Metal Trims are 8' in length.


Extruded brass: Can be installed in both interior and exterior applications. Recommended for floors exposed to heavy loads (i.e. forklifts and heavy stocking carts). Exposure to moisture may cause a slight tarnishing which can be removed by polishing.

Aluminum, natural and anodized silver: Applicable for interior installations, especially floors exposed to heavy foot traffic and light to moderate loads. The anodized finish inhibits oxidation and increases chemical resistance.

Aluminum anodized gold: Provides a decorative finish for interior applications such as tiled walls and fireplaces. Not recommended for commercial floor applications because the gold finish can be scratched or worn off by heavy traffic.


Use Blanke Edge Protectors of Metal for sill and corners in hospitals, commercial kitchens or hotels where the ceramic tile edges are exposed to mechanical stress.


For a smooth transition use Blanke edge protectors where two different floor surfaces meet (i.e. ceramic tile to carpet, ceramic tile to wood).

Blanke Edge Protector is available in many sizes. 

Please choose the size of your metal from our drop down menu above.

For all Blanke Trims, we charge 23.00 flat rate shipping inside the Continental US on any amount ordered.

Weight 5,000.00 lbs
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